Who Is Houston Piano Guy

Who Is Houston Piano Guy?

The Houston Piano Guy of Performing Arts, was started in 2007, to be the home for great music and musicians.

Here at Houston Piano Guy, work and fun play well together. We interweave exciting, interactive elements into all our lessons, and ensure that students bring their musical vision to life while also having a great time. Our team of educators and artists also live by this philosophy.

We are deeply rooted in and respectful of Indian culture, and also love music from around the world. We believe that you don’t have to be just one thing. You could be a pop song writing Carnatic vocalist, or a physicist who plays the piano. You could be a toddler who loves African lullabies or a grandma who loves bhajans. You could learn konnakol and drums, while trying to find your rhythm in middle school. Whatever your musical aspirations are, we’ll help you find your voice.

Riyaz is Everywhere

Music should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. In schools. At community centres. Online at home. So we want to be too. Join a class that’s most convenient to you, or find out more about what we do:

Riyaz is Everywhere

We Believe in Family First

At Houston Piano Guy, you don’t join a class, you join a family. We're a close-knit team, all working towards a shared vision. Here's a little more about the people that make Houston Piano Guy tick.

And, like most families, we love to show off our kids. Click here to learn more about our students.

Meet the team

We work hard to play with music

We’re parents, we’re PhDs, and we’re people who really care about making an impact through music.

We’ve spent years reading up, researching, and tweaking our methodology and materials, so the Houston Piano Guy Baby Method feels like child’s play.

From our books and recordings to instruments and teacher training, everything is aligned to the developmental needs of children.

We work hard to play with music