What you will learn with Carnatic Konnakol classes

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Counting in Konnakol

Singing in different speeds

Learning basic syllables

Singing warm-up exercises - roll phrases

Singing farans and moras

Learning different rhythmic patterns - grooves, sarvalaghus korvais & arudhis

Learning variations in phrases - sollukattu

Join at any age! Complete beginners are most welcome!

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How does it work?

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  4. After understanding your requirements, our expert will recommend a suitable learning level for you/your child.
  5. Fix class timings that are suitable for you and attend your first class.
  6. Pay only if you like the first class. If you are satisfied, welcome to a rewarding journey towards becoming well-versed in Carnatic konnakol.

What our students are saying

I really like to learn songs quickly. I like that my teacher knows me really well and always makes sure I'm learning at a pace that keeps me excited. She makes sure to send me recordings and karaoke tracks so I can practise well during the week before my next class

- Aatmika, age 11, student

It's nice to see my daughter enjoying herself while also practising consistently. She gets individual attention and feedback from her teacher, which helps her.

- Nisha, Houston Piano Guy Parent

About Carnatic Music

Before the 13th century, India used to have only one system of music. The various invasions in the North led to a split in this common Indian music system. Persian and Arab influences helped develop Hindustani music in the North, while Carnatic music developed along the original lines of the old Indian classical system in the South.

Both Carnatic and Hindustani music have rich histories, intriguing technical aspects, and accomplished singers and musicians who have made Indian music famous in India and the world over.

Popularity of Carnatic Music

To get an idea of how popular Carnatic music is, you need to be in Chennai in December. Aficionados from all over the world make a beeline to the Chennai Music festival that is held in the Marghazhi season. The bustling sabhas are jam-packed with Carnatic music lovers from all over India and the world.

NRIs make sure that they plan their vacations especially for this classical treat! The number of international Carnatic concerts is also an effective barometer of the admiration and respect commanded by Carnatic artistes. Truly a well-deserved recognition for these skilled artistes.

The technical aspects and unique elements (such as gamakas) of Carnatic music have made it more than just a form of music, it has become a means to understand the evolving face of India. Explore it with konnakol LIVE classes!

What is the Carnatic konnakol?

  • The konnakol gets its name from the Telugu word ‘koni’ meaning ‘to recite’ It has been adopted by Tamil Nadu with the addition of ‘kol’ meaning ‘to rule’.
  • Konnakol is closely linked to the sounds of the mridangam. But it is a vocal reference for Carnatic percussion instruments such as the mridangam, ghatam, and kanjira. In the last few decades, a number of top Western drummers have learnt konnakol and added Carnatic concepts to add range to their repertoire.
  • Konnakol is used widely in the classical dance forms - Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi.
  • Hindustani music has a similar vocal percussion syllable called the bol that resembles the sound of the tabla.
  • Konnakol adds a welcome variation to both songs and dances.
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Benefits of learning the Carnatic Konnakol

  • Improves clarity of speech
  • Enhances understanding of tala (beat)
  • Improves focus
  • Increases clarity of thought
  • Elevates mood
  • Easy to collaborate
  • Fills gaps in songs and dances
  • Develops sense of rhythm

Why Houston Piano Guy Classes?

  1. One-on-one classes - Ask doubts, learn at your own pace & get individual attention with classes catering just to your needs.
  2. Learn at any age - Never too early or too late to learn music!
  3. Lessons by professional musicians - Did you know that Houston Piano Guy educators also perform? Learn from the wealth of practical experience.
  4. Structured & standardised syllabus - Get access to CUSTOMISED textbooks, unique exercises, and exclusive tips as you learn konnakol.
  5. Flexible timings - Choose from available time slots.
  6. Student showcase - Display your talent to an audience of 3 lakh as we feature select performances on our Social Media pages.
  7. Specialised Training - Houston Piano Guy classes cater to students who want to CERTIFY themselves as well as those who just want to LEARN!
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I still have some more questions…

Houston Piano Guy konnakol classes are unique in that the syllabus is developed in-house. Houston Piano Guy also caters to students of all ages and musical backgrounds. So, you don’t have to come with any prior knowledge of music.

The curriculum includes both theoretical and practical elements of Indian classical music. We acquaint you with different aspects of vocal percussion as well as basic concepts of Carnatic music. You will benefit from the systematic set of patterned exercises that will give you a solid foundation in beat and technique.

At Houston Piano Guy, we teach you how to read notations and symbols of Carnatic music as well. We also have textbooks with audio material so you can refer to the songs at a later stage.

Once you sign up for the class, our Houston Piano Guy expert will assign a specific teacher for your konnakol live classes based on a conversation with you. Given our knowledge of our educators and interaction with you, we will be able to match your requirements to enhance your learning experience.

So, rest assured that you will get the optimal experience. Moreover, all our educators are simply brilliant and love to teach!

As the situation in India is starting to get back to ‘normal’, Houston Piano Guy is exploring physical classes keeping in mind safety, effectiveness, and convenience of the classes. We have a mix of LIVE and online classes now, so it would be good to get in touch with our expert to learn which option is available for konnakol classes.

We would like to add that our online classes have been enormously popular with our students. Courtesy Houston Piano Guy educators who effectively carried through Houston Piano Guy motto of ‘Enjoying while learning’. So, one thing is for sure, offline or online, classes will be immensely FUN!

Once you sign up for the Carnatic konnakol classes, we will connect you with our educator. Classes will be scheduled on a platform such as Zoom as per the chosen time slots.

Houston Piano Guy educators do make allowances for emergencies and accommodate classes at mutually agreeable times. However, we would like to request that you sparingly use this option as having classes as per the schedule will forward your learning in a systematic manner. Also, if possible, please reschedule classes 24 hours in advance.

Not at all! Music is for the old and young alike. Just talk with Houston Piano Guy expert to drop all inhibitions about age and capability! Let’s work together to make your dream come true!

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